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House Function


Mother is the most important person in one’s life. She is the one who always guides us in the right directions.

Mother’s day is the happiest and highly memorable day of the year for kids. It is a day to show the appreciation towards mothers, to celebrate the achievements and efforts of mothers.

To express love and gratitude to their mother, children of classes I & II presented a vibrant amalgamation of dance and music show on 6th May 2019.

They happily sang the song “I love my Mummy” and tapped their feet on “Super Mommy, Super”. The dance performance of the little ones on the song “Ungli Pakarkar Chalna Sikhaya” filled the environment with happiness and joy. It mesmerised and enthralled the audience. Children also made small purses to thank and express their love for their mothers.

CBSE Class – X Result Summary for session 2018-19

1. Overall Result
2. Top 10 – Overall
3. Top 5 Positions – Subject wise
4. Grade Summary


CBSE Class – XII Result Summary for session 2018-19

1. Overall Result
2. Top 10 – Overall
3. Top 5 – Stream wise
4. Highest Score – Subject wise
5. Average Score
6. Grade Summary

Earth Week Celebration

Little hands change the world
Happy earth day!
The Earth is our home
So blue and so green
So let’s do our part
To keep the Earth clean.

The tiny tots of Pre Primary had a very enriching Earth week celebration. They learnt about all the lovely things given to us by Mother Earth.

Activity 1 – Grow More Trees
They were taken out to water plants and the importance was discussed in class.
Activity 2 – Feeding the birds
Children had gone out to feed the birds and were made aware to how the presence of these colourful feathered birds make our environment so bright.
Activity 3 – Every drop counts
Discussion on importance of water and what all we can do to save this precious gift of god.
Activity 4 – Happiness all around
The little babies of Mother Earth rocked the stage to complete the birthday celebration. Their magical performance with beautiful messages touched everyone’s heart.
Activity 5 – Take away craft
Children made beautiful badges with message to save endangered animals, plant more trees, every drop counts and sky is the limit as their take away activity.