Educational Excursion to Jim Corbett

A trip to Jim Corbett was organised by the school from 27th October to 29th October 2017 for the students of classes X, XI & XII. The educational trip aimed at improving presence of survival skills in every student. Since the camp was in the heart of the jungle, it also involved learning about nature and its beauty as well as appreciating it.

The educational and adventurous camp promoted the concept of peaceful coexistence of man and nature, which seems to be forgotten these days. 113 students attended the camp; they were accompanied by 12 teachers.

The journey to the camp site was extremely thrilling enhanced by the bubbling anticipation within each student, the drive through the forests and the air filling itself with the sounds of the jungle.

At the camp, the students were divided into three groups and they took part in various activities including trekking, body surfing, raft building etc. The enthusiastic cries of the participants along with the slogans, which the instructors taught them, were parroted by all the students throughout the journey. The evening hours were spent around a bonfire, writing journals, singing songs and discussing the experiences of the day. The participants found the trip to be very educating, adventurous and thrilling.