new CBSE Circular - Safety of Children in Schools

new DOE Order -- 7th Pay Commission

new DOE Order -- Dispensing away with the services of Principal/Vice-Principal/Teachers

new CBSE Circular for Tuck Shop


The environment has always been a concern for all of us here at LPS.  It is considered that earth is the only planet in the universe having required environment for the existence of life. We believe that so we should keep our environment safe and clean to ensure a “liveable earth” for the future. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

As a part of Environment project the green thumb caught the students of class VI. On 2nd August 2017 they learnt how to plant ginger and turmeric. Class VI A planted ginger while Class VI B planted turmeric in the herbal garden of the school.

School gardens are a wonderful way to use the green areas of the school as a classroom. It reconnects students with the natural world and the true source of food. The activities helped the students get a closer understanding of their personal and social responsibility.

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