new Regarding Arrear Fee Collection 7th CPC

new Resolution & calculation sheet for Tuition Fee Arrears collection as per DOE Order

Guidelines for Implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission's Recommendations

CBSE Circular - Safety of Children in Schools

DOE Order -- 7th Pay Commission

DOE Order -- Dispensing away with the services of Principal/Vice-Principal/Teachers

CBSE Circular for Tuck Shop

Unified Cyber Olympiad 2016 (Second Level)

Result of Unified Cyber Olympiad 2016 (Second Level)

Students were awarded with Gold Medal for their distinctive performance in Unified Cyber Olympiad 2016 (National Level).  The exam was held on 5th Feb 2017.


  1. Akshay Giri (Class IV )
  2. Abhinav Kumar Jha (Class V)
  3. Priyal Deep (Class VII)
  4. Harshit Pandey (Class VIII)
  5. Niharika Joshi (Class IX)