Result of NSO & IMOnew

Our students had participated in 19th National Science Olympiad 2016 and 10th International Mathematics Olympiad held on 24th Nov 2016 and 10th Dec 2016 respectively.

The children received medals for their distinctive performances:-

  1. Shivang Tripathi (IVB) Gold Medal
  2. Ashima Panwar (IVA) Silver Medal
  3. Aarush Pandey (IVA) Bronze Medal
  4. Urvi Kochhar (VA) Gold Medal
  5. Abhinav Priyadarshi (VB) Silver Medal
  6. Reet Suri (VC) Bronze Medal
  7. Abhinav Kumar (VIC) Gold Medal
  8. Dhruv Pandey (VIC) Silver Medal
  9. Prerna Kashyap (VIA) Bronze Medal