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A delegate of 30 Education Officers from Sri Lanka visited our school on 15th December 2016 under NEUPA’s “Capacity Building Programme on Strategic Planning, Financing and Quality Development of Education”.  The team got a glimpse of classroom teaching, facilities for sports, the various activities being held in the school and also visited the science labs, science park, the libraries, the IT labs and the activity block. They held knowledge sharing interaction with the teachers and students.

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Class XII Schedule for Pre Board 1 (2016-17)new

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Laxman Public School invoked the feelings of patriotism by organising SMRITI SEEP – Laxman Memorial Interschool Competition 2016

Students from 23 prestigious schools of Delhi enthusiastically participated in English Poetry Recitation, Hindi Poetry Recitation, Sanskrit Shlok Recitation, On the Spot Painting Competition, Quark – Science Quiz and Innovatrix – Mathematical Model Making Competition.

The participants recited a variety of poems written by poets like Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, Robert Browing, Thomas Campbell, William Cowper, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Makhan Lal Chaturvedi, Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar and Gopal Prasad Vyas.

Enthusiastic students were at their creative best as they expressed their feelings as true Indian patriots through colours.  Their paintings showcased how the aura of patriotism illuminates our country: our home.

Aspiring minds exhibited their scientific, creative and innovative skills at Innovatrix. Participant’s efforts and dedication could be witnessed through various models based on different concepts of mathematical principles studied at secondary level.

The judges were impressed by the student’s fluency and diction in the language and appreciated the various skills exhibited.

The Chief Guest Mr D K Bhawsar, Deputy Chief Education Advisor, Dept of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of HRD, blessed the students and felicitated the winners. He also highlighted the role of teacher as facilitator.

The HoS congratulated all the participants, their Principals and teachers. She advocated that competition is an effective motivation and important for the overall development to meet the challenges of life.

The overall trophy was bagged by The Air Force School, Lodhi Road.


on 16th November, 2016 District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) South under the stewardship of the Office of the District Magistrate conducted a ‘Nukkad Natak’ (street play) in the school premises. The topic was ‘Disaster Management’.

Through their enactment they generated awareness about earthquakes and fire. The team demonstrated the use of basic first aid and informed the students about emergency phone numbers. The do’s and don’ts in the event of earthquake or fire were illustrated.

They interacted with the students and explained the causes of disaster and told them about the measures to be taken to save lives. Through the play performance they emphasised the need of basic first aid and the told about the mandatory requirements of a first aid box.

The students learnt that disasters whether natural or man-made can strike at any time. The need of the hour was to be adequately prepared. All the assembled people understood that preparedness is the main way of reducing the impact of disasters.

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Laxman Public School held the 4th Interschool Model United Nations, LaxMUN’16 on 24th and 25th September 2016, with Shubham Khandelwal, Laxmanite of 2013-14 batch, as the Secretary General. He declared the conference open. Four committees viz. UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, The Meet of Monarchs and The Swaraj Conference were simulated. The conference was attended by delegates from 30 prestigious schools of NCR.

 The UNGA retrospected the global nuclear non-proliferation regimes and re-explored a path towards a nuclear weapons free world. The committee was chaired by Prerna Panwar, Laxmanite of 2013-14 batch.

 The UNSC’s agenda was “Addressing the insurgencies from radical Kurdish groups in Turkey and protecting the Kurdish population from collateral damage in the war against ISIS” and Yash Saraswat, Laxmanite of 2015-16 batch, was the President.

 The Swaraj Conference contemplated the future of British India, post the Lahore declaration, as a single state, with special emphasis on developing the framework of its forthcoming political institutions in light of the demands and the aspiration of Muslims. The Moderator of the committee was Karan Sharma, Laxmanite of 2013-14 batch.

 The Meet of Monarchs assessed the situation of Monarchy regimes with the special emphasis on the empowerment of Monarchs and Arvind Sarawagi, Laxmanite of 2015-16 batch, was the Royal Chancellor.

 K.R. Mangalam World School, won the Best Delegation award. The awards for the Best Delegate, High Commendation, Special Mention and Best Position Paper in each committee were given.

 With MUN being held across the globe, the future of the world is secure as we see the youth of the world debating and framing their ideas in a diplomatic way. To encourage the teenagers we have taken a step further and formed a society LaxMUN, this year and have pledged along with the Alumni of the school to mentor the students.


Laxman Public School believes that educational excursion is a unique way of learning. In its endeavour to bring a firsthand knowledge to the students, the school organised 1 night – 2 day educational trip to Astroport, Sariska, Rajasthan.

 110 students of Class XII went on the trip along with 11 teachers. After reaching Astroport a variety of educational activities were conducted. Students were taken on a tour of the organic farming site in the serene, clean green environment. They got to see two green houses where, in one tomatoes were grown under controlled temperature and moisture condition and in the other cucumbers were grown where only the moisture was kept under control.  Students were told about the Drip Irrigation which stops the wastage of water.  The working of solar panels was also explained to them.

 In the evening, students were divided in three groups for Night Sky Observation. As it was a clear night sky, it resulted in exponentially enhanced sky viewing experience. Many telescopes were available and students were taught the use of telescope, sky map, planisphere reading, constellation watching and planet viewing by the experts present there.

 At Sariska Tiger Reserve, students were shown the flora and fauna of the jungle. The guides informed how all the animals were interdependent on each other. Students were made aware of the scientific names of various trees, flowers and animals. A variety of birds were also sighted. Students came to know of how tigers mark their territory and learnt that there is a law in the jungle too.

 It is rightly believed that Nature is a great teacher. The students and teacher not only enjoyed their stay in idyllic environment but also learnt many things from the experience. The trip, undoubtedly, broke the monotony of life and his given something so entirely new and refreshing that they will cherish the memories for a long time to come.


Vigilance awareness week at Laxman Public School new

Laxman Public School, Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi observed Vigilance Awareness Week from 31st October to 5th November 2016. Various activities such as elocution, debates, essay writing, slogan writing, poster making and skit (theatre) were organized in the school. The campaign saw an enthusiastic response from the students and teachers alike. The main focus of these activities was to encourage our young learners to fight against corruption.

Through the activities undertaken the students succeeded in conveying the message that corruption is the main hindrance in the progress of the country.

On 4th November 2016, Shri Deepak, Commissioner, Provident Fund, with his team of officials visited the school. He listened to the elocution of students of Class IX & X and appreciated their performance. Students received prizes from the hon’ble commissioner. They also witnessed the skit presented by the theatre club members.

Aditya Mandothiya (IXB) and Jesto Peter (XA) were first in their respective classes, while Sahil Saxena (IXB) & Sheljel Chaudhary (XB) were second and Aditya Rajeev Seth (IXD) & Sohini Bhattacharya (XB) were third in the elocution contest

Observing the Vigilance Awareness Week, every year, has now become a part of the school calendar. The school is grateful to CBSE for its initiative in this regard.

Schedule of FA 3 & 4 Classes V-VI new

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