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1st Term Schedule 2017-18 new

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Practical Schedule of Class XIInew

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The environment has always been a concern for all of us here at LPS.  It is considered that earth is the only planet in the universe having required environment for the existence of life. We believe that so we should keep our environment safe and clean to ensure a “liveable earth” for the future. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

As a part of Environment project the green thumb caught the students of class VI. On 2nd August 2017 they learnt how to plant ginger and turmeric. Class VI A planted ginger while Class VI B planted turmeric in the herbal garden of the school.

School gardens are a wonderful way to use the green areas of the school as a classroom. It reconnects students with the natural world and the true source of food. The activities helped the students get a closer understanding of their personal and social responsibility.

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LPS realises the importance of having physical education as a part of the system. Beyond the academic curriculum all students have the opportunity to participate in sport which helps build character and further develop physical skills.

The Physical Education Department of the school is always making an effort to enhance the learning of students holistically through physical activity and sports. Recently Interclass football matches were organised for classes VI – X.

The objective of these matches were

  • to motivate and encourage students to play
  • to give opportunity to all students to participate and develop their skills
  • to enhance game skills
  • to identify new talent for school teams – junior and senior
  • to prepare students for zonal and other inter school competitions


Date Result
24/07/2017 VI A won against VI E by 2 – 1
19/07/2017 VII A won against VII C by 2 – 0
19/07/2017 VIII A won against VII C by 2 – 1
21/07/2017 IX D won against IX C by 3 – 1 (on penalty shootout)
24/07/2017 X C won against X B by 5 – 2


Delegates from Environment Ministry of Fukuoka Prefecture (Japan) –  Ms Motoka Kubota,    Mr Daiki Abe visited our school to see the Eco-club activities conducted by us. Dr B C Sabata from the Dept. of Environment & Forests (NCT) accompanied them. Tree plantation drive was conducted within the school. In a small cultural programme the children of Classes Pre Primary, I & II presented a dance on ‘Being Happy with Nature’. The students of class V & VI sang a song on ‘Mother Nature’ and the students of class XI a small presented a small skit.

This visit was dedicated to fostering a better understanding among the Eco club activities of both the countries and spearhead the message that people can live together with the environment in peace and friendship.

Scholarship Schemes for the students belong to SC/ST/OBC new

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Open Day for Class X & XII new

Cir. No. LPS/2017-18/24 (SMS)                                                                                 26th July, 2017

Circular for Class X  &  Class XII

Dear Parent,

Please  note  that  the  Open  Day   for  Class X  &  XII  is on Saturday 29th July, 2017 from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.  Parents are requested to come and meet the respective teachers.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

(Ms. S. Agnihotri)



It has now been 8 years since the Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India conceptualised the idea of Dr Abdul Kalam and formally gave it a shape in the form of INSPIRE programme. Innovations in science pursuit for inspired research (INSPIRE) is a dream project of our ex-President who was a great researcher and scientist of our country. The programme aims at motivating and encouraging Indian minds right from the school days upto the senior level that can go upto degree of doctorate in basic sciences. At Class XI level an intense internship camp is organised for budding scientists and research scholars who can be moulded by experts from respective fields of active research and teaching. The top scorers of class Xth (2017 batch) and students studying in class XI presently, were invited to participate in this programme.

The following students were sent for this programme that was organised jointly by Ramjas College, DU and DST:-

  1. Kharanshu Diwan
  2. Sheljal Chaudhary
  3. Lashay Arora
  4. Abhimanyu Malik
  5. Divyansh Singh
  6. Harshita Sahu
  7. Manoj Kr Gupta.

A series of lectures by eminent scientists of world repute was planned along with lots of experimental activities to give best possible exposure. Students were given transport facility from school and they were escorted by school teachers. The programme started on 4th July 2017 and concluded on 8th July 2017. All students and teacher-incharge for this programme Mr Sanjeev Garg were given certificates during the valedictory function on the last day.


Delhi State Legal Services Authority in collaboration with Department of Forest and Wildlife, Department of Education and Public Works Department commenced the GREENING DELHI PROJECT at IIT Delhi on 12th July 2017 with a programme “Our Earth and Us”.  The programme was inaugurated by Ms. Gita Mittal, Hon’ble Chief Justice – High Court of Delhi and the Guest of Honour was Shri Manish Sisodia, Dy. Chief Minister, Delhi in the presence of Shri Kailash Gahlot, Law Minister and Shri Imran Hussain, Environment Minister, Delhi. 46 students of our Junior School along with 3 teachers attended the programme. Eight of our students planted fruit trees along with the Guests while the rest enjoyed a series of videos on nature.

Inaugurating the programme, Ms. Gita Mittal narrated a few of her personal experiences with nature.  She enthralled the students with a story about a pair of birds who built a beautiful nest on one of the bushes in her compound and how they eventually became a part of her life.  Finally after their eggs hatched all the birds flew away abandoning their nest.  The lesson learnt was that while nothing is permanent in nature – man clings on to possessions and this eventually leads to greed and destruction of nature. She requested all present to preserve and protect the environment and learn lessons from nature.

Shri Sisodia reiterated that children were the best ambassadors to protect trees and that they should carry forward the tradition established by our forefathers, who had planted trees – the benefits of which we are now enjoying.

All the students then planted a wide variety of trees within the IIT campus. The teachers then conducted an impromptu quiz through which the children were helped to identify the names of the trees that they planted. The children loved this game of identifying the trees.

Planting trees is important because trees are essential to life. Every tree we plant is a breath of life for our planet. Let us make the earth a cleaner and greener planet.


As a part of the “Youth Sensitisation Interactive Series” a three day series of workshops and visits was organised for students of Class XI from 5th July to 7th July 2017. The series aims at enhancing the overall personality of every child and empowering them with the skills of empathy and compassion.

The students visited institutions like Cheshire Home, Shanti Avedna Ashram and Jeevan Jyoti Missionaries of Charity. For the students, the visits were an eye opener towards the harsh realities of the world.

Resource persons from different areas of expertise also conducted workshops for the benefit of the students. On 5th July, Ms Vandana Tandon (Courtesy: Times of India) conducted a session on “Peer Pressure & Anger Management”.  On the 6th July, Ms Pooja Malhotra, Member, Advisory Board, National Cyber Safety and Security Standards took a session on “Be Safe in Cyberspace”.  On the 7th July, Mr Sanjeev Popley (Courtesy: Hindustan Times) held interactive workshops on Theatre.

A creativity session on clay modelling and painting was also conducted by the Art Department.

As a conclusion to the three day series, students stayed back in school till 6 pm. They reviewed their experiences of the workshops attended and visits undertaken, the experiences experienced and the impact it left behind. The students also performed role plays on different socially relevant topics given to them.