Be Yourself

The School motto “Be Yourself’ encourages every individual to pursue their interests and talents in the finest manner. We celebrate every child for their individuality, contribution and virtuosity.

The School believes in imparting Holistic Education to the students leading to the development of three H’s – Head, Heart & Hand. This way they efficiently discharge their duties to themselves, the community and the nation as a whole.

The school has received numerous awards such as  the International School Award (ISA) accredited by the British Council for successful integration of the international dimension activities into the School Curriculum.

To develop academic excellence, the school offers an extensive syllabus with careful planning and guidance by highly qualified teachers. This has enabled the students to master skills, think independently and act effectively in a stimulating environment.

Group activities in the school inculcate the feeling of  team spirit, patriotism and service to others and most importantly to the environment. The ideals of quality and excellence, with emphasis on human values, commitment, discipline, help to mould the student to adopt a modern, progressive and international outlook with a secular nature.

In Laxman Public School, equal opportunities are given to all of the students to acquire the values and beliefs that will guide them throughout their life.